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Nicky da B - 'Hot Potato Style'

Nicky da B - 'Go Loko'
MGMT - 'Kids'

Big Freedia - 'Yall Get Back Now'

Boy Crisis - 'Fountain of Youth'
MGMT - 'Time to Pretend'
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - 'So Bloody, So Tight'
Chairlift - 'Evident Utensil'
MGMT - 'Electric Feel'
SAFE - '20 Years On'
Boy Crisis - 'Dressed to Digress' [Official]
Boy Crisis - 'Dressed to Digress' [Promo]
The Killers - 'Spaceman'
Das Racist - 'Shorty Said'
Boy Crisis - 'Indian Summer'
Boy Crisis - 'Ganglion of Lightning'
Preston - 'Dressed to Kill'
Boy Crisis - 'Fountain of Youth' [Demo]
Faithless - 'Sun to Me'


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